Earn Reward Points and Vouchers for Referrals

We want to reward our customers with a redeemable point system each time you purchase or complete an action.  You work hard enough and we want to remind you that you’re appreciated.   We will reward your loyalty even if your kids don’t!  And who doesn’t love a freebie? 


So How Do You Get Points?

  • Points for registering an account
  • Points for purchase for account holders only
  • Points for following our Facebook and Instagram page
  • Points for signing up to our mailing list
  • Points for your Birthday
  • Leaving product reviews
  • Referring friends

Interested?  Here is more information

Every $1 spent = 1 point

Redemption conversion rate 100 points = $5 discount


But wait, theres more!

Referrals $10 coupon

Refer a friend from your account dashboard and for every friend who makes a purchase over $30, you will receive a $10 coupon to spend!  They will also receive a $10 coupon.  That’s how much we love mums! But be quick to use those coupons because they will only last 30 days






Terms and Conditions

The Mumway rewards customers for purchases and other actions with points that can be redeemed for discounts. Who doesn’t love positive re-inforcement?!!  Points awarded as set out above.  Social media actions will be awarded by The Mumway administrators. 

Maximum amount to redeem in one purchase is 2000 points = value of $100.  From time to time, at the company’s discretion, points will be awarded for social media activities, prize rewards and product specific bonuses. Points are not awarded for Gift Card purchases.  Rewards points are valid for 6 months from the time they are awarded.  Points are not allocated to shipping costs. 

Referral coupons will only be applied to your referrals who have successfully purchased.  Referral coupons will expire after 30 days.  Coupons valid on full priced items only.

How Points are Awarded/Deducted;

Users must be account holders to be eligible for rewards points.  Points are awarded when an account holder completes certain actions such as subscribing to the mailing list or actions as on Facebook and Instagram as described from time to time.  Points earned for product purchase are awarded in the following circumstances: when payment for the order is completed, as with a credit card, PayPal or AfterPay.  Points are also awarded when an order transitions from the “failed” state to either processing or completed to account for payment processing errors that can be corrected, such as a declined card.

To avoid the same points being used multiple times, points being redeemed for a discount on purchase will be deducted from a customer’s balance immediately upon checkout. If an order is canceled or refunded the redeemed points are automatically credited back to the customer’s account.  If an order that earned a customer points is canceled or refunded, any awarded points are automatically deducted from that customer’s balance.

There is the possibility that the following sequence of events could occur: customer has a points balance of 0, customer places an order and earns 10 points, customer redeems those points for a discount on another order, the original order is canceled or refunded. The monetary discount can not be retroactively removed, however in this case the customer will end with a balance of -10 points, and so would have to earn another +10 points to get back to a 0 balance and be able to start earning points to redeem for additional savings.

You can view your points activties at any time in the ‘The Mumway Rewards’ section in the bottom right hand corner.  Please get in touch if you have any inquiries at