The story of Dee and Dee and how The Mumway became a thing

How The Mumway became ‘Mum Hustlers’

We consider ourselves ‘Mum Hustlers’. The idea came about after a deep discussion about our roles as women in the household and how important it was for both of us to feel that we contributed to the financial security of our families.  As well as have a little left over for a facial every now and then!  We both agreed we wanted to be role models for our children by setting an example of working hard, setting priorities and accomplishing dreams.

Having both come to a crossroads with our careers we decided now was the time for us to take charge of our own destiny and create something for people we are passionate about. OURSELVES!  No, we mean MUMS!

We thought about the frustrations we have with shopping as mums;

  1. Our bodies aren’t quite the same anymore so it can be difficult to find the right fit
  2. Unless you are a major sucker for punishment shopping for clothes with children in tow is akin to torture
  3. Most online models are at least 10 years younger and ten kilos (or more!) lighter

We wanted to created something that just cut through all of this for mums across Australia.  We have carefully selected beautiful pieces that will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. We looked at size and comfort, coverage and stretch – because these are the things we think about now when chasing snotty toddlers, bending over 1600 times a day and juggling 14 flaming torches everyday.

The most important thing we wanted to weave through the store was appreciation.  As mums we work hard.  All. The. Time.  Which is why we have our rewards program. Because we wanted to reward you even if your kids don’t!

We hope you like what we’ve put together for you.  Stay tuned as the collection grows!

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All our love

Dee & Dee